Huge Steinelager update

Created: Aug 17, 2016

Many weeks apparently nothing has happened here, but there is more under the hood. An extensive update has been prepared. The main novelty in this case represents the Set database with more than 11,000 sets of many decades. Moreover, there are also some design changes, that I would like to introduce you briefly below.

LEGO® Set Database

The Set database currently comprises more than 11,000 sets. Many of them with pictures and description. Unfortunately I wasn't always able to gather all data for all sets, especially for the older ones. Anyway, if you can provide images or additional information, I'd love to add them. The most detailed information is available for the sets of the past few years. The source of the data is the LEGO® Shop, Amazon and Rebrickable. Each set is associated with a theme and possibly a sub-theme, so you can easily see which sets belong together. If you view the page in German language and you wonder why still some names are in English, this is due to the lack of available translation. In particular, the set descriptions are often present only in English.


Set overview

Extension of the search

By expanding the database with the sets, it was necessary to adapt the search function accordingly. You should first notice the change in the search suggestions, if you enter some keywords. The search results are now divided by sets, bricks, themes and colors. If no results where found in one of these categories, the category is not listed at all. If you don't pick any of the suggested results, you will be redirected to a summary page, where you also can move on to view all results in a specific section.

Updated search

Design changes

The design has also been achieved a few adjustments . There ist now a sorting function available in all lists. With this you should be able to find more easily what you are looking for. In addition, there is an alternative list view in which the entries are presented one by one. This view allows in some cases to provide more information of the items, compared to the grid view.

Sorting in lists


New list view


If you like the update, found some errors or just can provide additional information for sets, feel free to use the contact form to send me a message.